Addison Henderson is an award-winning director, writer, actor and founder of Night Owl Republic production company.
Addison started formal acting and directing training at HB Studios in NYC in 2001. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2003, Henderson continued to hone his acting skills and studied with noted acting coach, Tom Todoroff. A year later, he interned at Eriq LaSalle's Humble Journey Films where he was able expand his creativity as an artist.
Addison's experience as a director began with the stage. Notably he directed Blood Knot, a two-man play about South African brothers, in which he also starred. 
In 2005, Addison formed his own production company, Night Owl Republic. It was then that he stepped behind the camera to direct his first film, A Step Away from A Note, in which he played the lead role.  He went on to co-direct the documentary, The Forgotten City, a soul-binding film that chronicled the murder of his best friend.  The film found a home on Free Speech TV. In 2008, Henderson directed The Experience, an inspirational documentary about finding identity. The film, shot in Ghana, West Africa, was distributed on The Africa Channel.
In 2012, Addison collaborated with Film Life Inc. on The Pro Hollywood Boot Camp, an innovative project that brought pro football players together to learn the trade of filmmaking and complete a short film in forty-eight hours. Addison scouted locations, produced production crews and facilitated script development.
Addison has since directed and starred in several short films, stage plays, web-series, music videos and commercials. He also built a creative partnership with the late Chadwick Boseman, having worked with him on numerous films, including 21 Bridges, and the hugely successful, Black Panther. 
Most recently, Addison wrote, directed and starred in the award winning feature film G.O.D. And, teamed up with the Oscar-winning LaGralane Group to produce the film. From script to screen, G.O.D.was a nine-month process.  
Addison is currently shopping several of his projects including The Sunder, a high-concept science fiction disaster series, Mind Shadows, a mind-bending psychological anthology series and Blythe, a horror-thriller feature film.
Addison recently participated in the Producers Guild of America Power of Diversity Master Workshop. His supernatural action television series, The Healer, was one of only ten projects selected for the 2020 program.  
With many things on the horizon, Addison is very much excited about the partnership he created LeRoi Johnson, the brother of the late, great musical legend Rick James. In 2021, Addison will embark on a television series entitled Brother's Keeper. This American saga will chronicle the life of Rick James from the eyes of the person who knew him best, LeRoi Johnson, his brother, manager, lawyer and lifetime confidant. 

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